Thursday, June 21, 2012

Supplies Needed for 4-H Camp!

Calling all 4-H Families:

We are in need of a few things for 4-H Camp. If you have any of these items that you are willing to part with, we would be grateful!

Items to Donate:
Scrapbooking Materials
Old Trophies (or other items to be given as prizes)

Items to Lend:
Bocce sets (we need three)

Thank you! Please contact Liana at 906-202-3057 to make arrangements for your donations.

4-H Tent at the Marquette County Fair

Hello 4-H Leaders ~

The theme for the 2012 4-H tent this year will be "Green and Growing".  We would like our 4-H groups to team up with the local business that promotes green living, green power, or any other green ideas.  Be creative!  We hope that each booth will provide an educational experience for all who attend.  For example if you know of a business that sells wind power products then have your group approach that business and come up with a plan to learn as much about their business as possible, then set up a display together promoting their business in exchange for knowledge.  It will teach 4-Hers and the community more about living "green" while supporting our local economy and will keep us all "Green and Growing".

If you have any questions or would like any help with anything please give Kelly Conery a call at 485-1651 or Becca Conery at 486-4369.  

Thank You for Supporting the 4-H Tent!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Senior Scholarship Application

The Marquette County 4-H Council is providing 4-H Seniors with an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to help with expenses of post-secondary schooling. If you have any questions, contact the MSU Extension office.

Cover Letter
Senior Scholarship Application

Congratulations Graduates and best wishes!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'Magnify the Science' Video Production

Magnify the Science

We need youth and adults who may be interested in helping us out with a video production!!!!!

We are looking for youth (up to 5) and adults (up to 5) who are available and willing to help us create the video production for the magnify the science in your county 4-H programs online resource.

Again, you do not need to be ‘all knowing’ but help us show the process of scientific inquiry while you are being taped; thunder and lighting production in Marquette will be doing the taping and editing for us. 

We are looking at completing this taping on ONE of the following days;  please let us know your availability by responding to this email by this Friday, june 15th.  Thanks

Please check all days that you are available: 

____     Monday, June 25th           from approximately 9 a.m. est to 1 p.m. est

____     Friday, June 29th               from approximately 9 a.m. est to 1 p.m. est

____     Sat., June 30th                    from approximately 9 a.m. est to 1 p.m. est

Please let us know how many will attend and if they are youth or adults, thanks!