Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marquette County 4-H Participation Fee Grants

Do you have a great idea for a new or improved 4-H project or program, but you're short on cash to make it happen?  Apply for a Marquette County 4-H Participation Fee Grant and make your dreams come true!

The Participation Fee Grant Program is supported by the $10.00 fee that 4-H members pay each year when they register for 4-H.  Grant applications must be completed by youth.

Funds from the Grant Program are available now through August 31, 2011. Grant applications will be reviewed and processed in the order that they are received by the MSU Extension office (as in: first-come, first-served!).  There is approximately $950.00 available for grants during the 2010-2011 4-H program year.

Download a 4-H Participation Fee Grant Application Packet today!  The packet includes an application and eligibility requirements.  Good luck!!

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