Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4-H - Teen Leaderships & Community Change Conference

4-H Teen Leadership &
Community Change Conference

January 21-22, 2012
Kettunen Center
Tustin, MI

4-H'ers use their Head, Heart, Hands and Health for the betterment of their club, their community, their country and the world.  4-H'ers are leaders who apply their knowledge and skills to make positive change through their projects and through their service.

The 2011 Michigan 4-H Teen Leadership and Community Change Conference is the premier state event that provides 4-H'ers with the opportunity to develop the skills they need to be outstanding leaders!

This powerful conference brings teens, aged 14 (by 1/1/2012) and up, from across the state to learn youth leadership and community change skills. The conference opens with the activity “Are You an Eagle, Owl, Peacock or Dove Leader?” 

Following the opening are many small group sessions to choose from, including:
-  Get Involved in a 2012 Political Campaign
-  World Travelers-Geocaching and Travel Bugs
-  Leadership & Service through Animal Science Projects
-  Cupcakery & Leadership, of Course!
-  Outdoor Winter Group Activities
-  Photovoice Project-Recording Your Life & Community
-  Opportunities Beyond the County 4-H Program
-  Juggling with Elephants-Time Management for Teens
-  Seven Billon People-Sustainability & Limited Resources
-  Healthy Living Teen Ambassadors
-  Officer & Teen Leader Training
-  4-H Projects+Life Skills=Academic Success
-  Backseat Driving-Letting Youth Take the Steering Wheel
-  SPORK: Fun with Team Building. 

A dance and karaoke, night sledding and great food are also highlights of the conference. The cost is $58 for 4-H youth and volunteers; this covers four meals, one overnight and all resource fees. 

Quotes from 2011 conference participants:

"This conference makes me feel as if I can change the world." 

"I personally loved this workshop; not only did I learn new leadership techniques, but I also learned a lot about myself." 

"This conference was interactive, dynamic and perfectly geared toward youth!" 

The full conference announcement with session descriptions will be  available by mid-November on the Michigan 4-H website at http://4h.msue.msu.edu/4h/citizenship_leadership_service.

**A note from Brian Wibby for Marquette County 4-H'ers:

I will be leading a couple of the sessions at the conference, and am more than happy to provide transportation and/or help to arrange carpooling for those who would like to attend this conference.  The Marquette County 4-H Council has funds available to provide scholarships for youth and adults to attend the conference as well.  Please contact me if you are interested in attending the conference so that rides and lodging for Friday night can be arranged.

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