Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Marquette County Fair Ice Cream

The Marquette County 4-H Council sells Jilbert's Ice Cream (YUM!) at the Marquette County Fair as a fundraiser to help provide many opportunities for local youth such as 4-H Exploration Days at MSU, 4-H Camps in the U.P., Teen and Volunteer Skill Building Workshops, even national programs in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia.  
The Ice Cream Booth is located inside the 4-H Building at the Fairgrounds.
Selling ice cream for 4 days is a lot of work, but if all of the 4-H members of Marquette County pitch in a 2 hour block of time, we will have a very successful fundraiser. 
We ask that anyone who has received a scholarship in the last 4-H year (like to Exploration Days or went to 4-H Camp) to please work a 2 hour shift. If you haven't yet received a scholarship, you likely will down the road. So to insure there is money to receive, we need your help, too. :) 

Click here to see the Ice Cream Booth Sign up Schedule. 

We ask that no more than 1 teen sign up for any time block. This way we don't have a booth full of teens in one block and then a booth full of younger members who don't quite have the skills to run the booth smoothly in the next block.  
If a parent would like to assist their younger member, we welcome the extra set of adult hands. 
To sign up for a shift, please look at the schedule and contact Liana Graves at or 906-315-2663. Updates will be made daily.

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